Curriculum Vitae:

George Telionis
was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, 1958.
He is a mechanical engineer,

alumni of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.




George Telionis has undertaken technical projects of electro-mechanic and general constructions; he has worked as Design and Production Manager and as an Executive Manager for CELCAT, a trading and exports company. He is also the designer of various patents with accompanying certified diplomas.
In his personal laboratory, he often engages with the construction of various technical projects and structures.

At the same time, a long-standing interest for existential truth and metaphysical reality, urged him to research all relevant subject matters, points of view, theories, religions and initiations. This resulted in the acquisition of a deep understanding of the determination of the operating reality and of the existential truth, which to world's surprise, is analyzed simultaneously with the complete decoding of John's Revelation.

His first book, "The Warning" consists of a collection of Saints' prophecies regarding the imminent third world war. In that book Saint's Tarasios prophecy is decrypted and interpreted for the first time. This prophecy's decoding has the significance and importance of a global warning, not only because it defines the proximity of this imminent global destruction, but precisely because it warns us by foreshadowing the events that are going to happen briefly before the onset of this global annihilation.

This second book of his, is a sign of times because it is prophesized by John's Revelation itselfand constitutes a surprise and experience for all humanity, marking the emergence of a new era of consciousness.
This book not only decodes Revelation and humanity's future for the first time, but primarily elevates our thinking and mind through the knowledge keys to that spiritual level necessary for grasping the height and depth of the meanings of John's Revelation, humanity's course, the spiritual laws of life and creation, as well as the depth and breadth of the incredibly dark earthly reality, which is also being decrypted herein.


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